Activities are things like Speech & Debate and Robotics for MS/HS students, ASA programs for ES students or anything else in between and we are excited to have a separate place to focus on this side of our students lives.

This section of the GTAD is spearheaded by Erin Marsh
Erin is a ES PE & Health teacher and the Assistant Activities Director at IS Brussels
If you have any questions, comments or ideas please reach out to Erin: marshe@isb.be

Online Meetings
Currently no meetings planned. 

Online Conference
Thank you to everyone who participated in the online Activities Conference on December 1st 2022
Go to our conference page HERE for more details
There will be no conference in the 2023/24 school year.


We have a google drive 'library' which is free for anyone that would like access.

This is a fantastic resource for any one that is looking to improve their schools documents, add new ideas or start new programs. To access our ever growing resource library please contact us. The only requirement is that you share at least one document before gaining viewing rights thus ensuring the resource library continues to grow. 

This is the same library for athletics so if you have access to one
you have all of the resources at your finger tips.