Looking Back...

During and shortly after the pandemic the GTADs have led the way with their free online conferences for students and adults. 

Their first conference in April 2020 was put together in record time, had over 30 speakers and 1000 participants and was featured in many publications. Following its success a Summer Series was established and then in 2021 a Student Athlete Leadership Conference. The latest conference was the first International School Activity Conference in December of 2021. 

The athletic conferences were organized by Nick DeForest, Matt Fleming, Dave Horner and Chris Mott. The activity conference was organized by Nick DeForest, Erin Marsh and Gil Grant.

In addition to the conferences there was also separate online meetings focusing only on Activities. That Activities Network section of the GTAD was spearheaded by Erin Marsh, the Assistant Activities Director at IS Brussels. If you have any questions or ideas about activities please reach out to Erin: marshe@isb.be The resource folder (see resource tab) has an activity contact database as well as resources for anyone interested. 

For more information about each conference you can visit the conference pages below.