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Keynote Speakers

Peter Welch

Director, AIS

Peter Welch has spent his career working in very different kinds of schools all over the world. This professional journey has encompassed experiences in national, international, private, state, wealthy, impoverished, boys, girls, coeducational and residential schools.

The Cambridge University graduate is the current director at AIS Bucharest but has also been the Head of IB World Schools in Thailand, Turkey and Finland.

Peter’s educational passion is exploring the profound relationship between culture, how we learn, and how we see our world. He originated research and developed a practical tool for schools to understand how a student’s culture maps to their learning and communication preferences. The Council of International Schools adopted this model and, working in partnership to improve and validate the research, this survey is now global, involving thousands of international students.


Working Across Cultures: 5 Practical Ideas for International Teachers and Coaches

In this session, we will explore how great international teachers and coaches can develop practical understandings and skills to work smartly within diverse communities. We will talk about how we define ourselves, our students and our colleagues in more relevant ways and challenge stereotypes. We will also explore how can adapt our communication style to get the best out of others when working across cultures.

July 22nd 10:00 Vienna Time

Greg Dale

Director of Sport Psychology and Leadership Program for Duke Athletics.

In his sport psychology role, Dale provides consultations for individual athletes, coaches and staff members. In addition, Dale provides team building services for athletic teams and other units within the athletic department.

In his leadership role, Dale provides leadership training for athletes, coaches and administrators within the department through various educational programs. He is also a professor of sport psychology and sport ethics in the Department of Health, Wellness and Physical Education.

July 8th 14:00 Vienna Time

July 22nd 14:00 Vienna Time

Rudy Ruettiger


Against all odds on a gridiron in South Bend, Indiana, Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger, in twenty-seven seconds, carved his name into history books as perhaps the most famous graduate of the University of Notre Dame. The son of an oil refinery worker and the third of 14 children, Rudy rose from valleys of discouragement and despair to the pinnacles of success. Today, he is one of the most popular motivational speakers in the United States. It took years of fierce determination to overcome obstacles and criticisms, yet Rudy achieved his first dream - to attend Notre Dame and play football for the Fighting Irish. As fans cheered "RU-DY, RU-DY," he sacked the quarterback in the last 27 seconds of the only play in the only game of his college football carer

July 22nd 18:00 Vienna Time

Sebastien Bellin

Sebastien is a retired collegiate and professional basketball player living in Brussels, Belgium.

On March 22nd, 2016 his world was changed forever when he found himself less than two meters from a bomb that detonated in the Brussels Airport terrorist attack. His legs were severely compromised, though as he was committed to a hospital bed for several months, he set his sights for athletic challenges.

Turning his tragedy to inspiration, Sebastien represents the challenged athlete community as he faces his greatest challenge yet, Kona IRONMAN 2020.

July 8th 10:00 Vienna Time

Nathan Whitaker

Nathan is the No. 1 New York Times best-selling author of Quiet Strength, Uncommon, You Can Do It! and others with former Indianapolis Colts head football coach, Tony Dungy, as well as Role of a Lifetime with James Brown. He is currently the President of Whitaker Partners, LLC and has worked in football management with National Football League clubs, most recently as Director of Legal Affairs for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

A graduate of Harvard Law School and a two-sport athlete at Duke University, he lives in Florida with his wife, Amy, two daughters and two rescue dogs.

July 8th 18:00 Vienna Time

Workshop sessions leaders

James Butterfield

Strength & Conditioning Coach, Hong Kong Sports Institute

Long Term Athlete Development: How to plan and deliver an integrated pathway of Athletic Development in Schools

This session will take an evidence-based look into the benefits of implementing a structured strength and conditioning program, which progresses from middle school to high school. How can Schools provide students with a platform from which to develop their athletic potential while reducing injuries and increasing mental and physical well being?

July 8th 11:00 Vienna Time

Annie Constantinides

Athletic Director ACS

From Theory to Practice: Leading & Mentoring the Coaching Staff

July 8th 15:00 Vienna Time

Nick DeForest

Assistant Director of the Events OfficeAIS Viennan.deforest@ais.at

The Happy, Developing Coach - Tips for Athletic Directors

An ambition worth having.... To not only keep your coaches happy but keep them developing personally into the best coaches they can be within your school's philosophy and expectations.

July 22nd 19:00 Vienna Time

Luke Diaz

High School Sports CoordinatorUWCSEA Dover Campus,

RED2BLUE – Performance Under Pressure

Introduction to the RED2BLUE - Performance Under Pressure model. It provides a practical and simple framework of our response when we are under pressure and practical tools and activities to work with in order to improve performance. RED2BLUE was developed by Gazing and is used by the New Zealand All Blacks (as referenced in the Legacy book by James Kerr), the RFU, major companies, the emergency services, community groups, schools, teachers and sports people at all levels.

July 8th 15:00 Vienna Time

Kristine Greenlaw

ICS Addis Ababa

Outdoor Education: Powerful and enduring experiential learning

What is outdoor education and why do many educators see it as the single, valued-added learning program that simply cannot be matched? How might experiential learning be developed to include outdoor education at your school? How might a challenge by choice model look? Join the conversation to better understand the what, why and how of outdoor education as a key component of co curricular learning.

July 22nd 11:00 Vienna Time

Scott Hibbard

Athletic Director Dubai American Academyscott.hibbard@gemsdaa.net

Hit the Re-set Button on Your Program

A workshop focusing on incorporating new ideas, mental health of all involved and more

July 22nd 11:00 Vienna Time

Doug Killgore

Athletics Professional Development Specialist NIAAA National Faculty MemberArkansas HS AD Association Hall of Fame Memberbowtiead232@gmail.com

Building Components for an Outstanding Athletic Program

Building Components of Exemplary Athletic Programs is designed for the athletic program of any age to provide foundational material for assembling or revising a new program, for program assessment of existing athletic departments or for looking to the future through strategic planning. Through nine components, athletic administrators of any experience may examine their program's design to highlight areas of commendation and derive recommendations for excellence.

July 22nd 15:00 Vienna Time

Jared Maisel

Athletic Trainer BTEC Sport Teacher International School of Brussels

Team-based Injury Prevention Approach

This session will focus on injury prevention programming and implementation strategies for coaches and ADs in their sport-specific practice planning.

July 8th 11:00 Vienna Time

Erin Marsh

Registered Nutritionist, Athletic Coach, and EducatorInternational School of Brussels

Performance Nutrition for Student Athletes

How can we support our Student Athletes to optimize their health and performance through nutrition?

What supplements should be recommended or avoided?

What is my role as coach or AD in creating a positive food culture for Student Athletes and the school community?

July 8th 19:00 Vienna Time

Eric Rodine

Athletic/Activities DirectorAmerican International School of

Creating Leadership Workshops

Together with Sara Zohore

In many conferences and leagues around the world, we gather for amazing competitions a few times a year. This is a chance for our student athletes to become comrades in competition. By creating a leadership workshop with representatives of these teams, our competitions become even stronger. Our purpose is to create a common language for our communities and build positive relationships among our fellow conference members.

July 8th 19:00 Vienna Time

Lee Rosky

Director of Athletics and Activities The International School of

Managing Change: Balancing Traditions with Modernization

Athletic Directors are often tasked with finding ways to protect the history and traditions of their programs while ensuring that the athletic program is keeping pace with a changing world. This session will focus on strategies, ideas and talking points for managing this challenging change process.

July 22nd 19:00 Vienna Time

Sara Zohore

Athletic DirectorICS of Abidjan

Creating Leadership Workshops

Together with Eric Rodine

In many conferences and leagues around the world, we gather for amazing competitions a few times a year. This is a chance for our student athletes to become comrades in competition. By creating a leadership workshop with representatives of these teams, our competitions become even stronger. Our purpose is to create a common language for our communities and build positive relationships among our fellow conference members.

July 8th 19:00 Vienna Time

Round table leaders

July 22nd - Region Specific Round Tables Only

RTs aimed at how we think athletics might look like when we start in the fall and how we can make the most out of the situation for our student athletes.

As this will differ tremendously depending on our location in the world we have divided them up and will have one for; Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.

Freddie Badillo

Athletic DirectorThe Columbus School Envigado

Offering Virtual Extracurricular Activities

July 8th 20:00 Vienna Time

Jason Bowie

Athletic DirectorVienna International

Better Together: Integrating Local Sports Communities

What are possible solutions when teacher contracts and country employment laws create barriers to hiring teachers as coaches?

Can club teams provide the necessary level of competition for international schools?

How do we prepare local coaches (who can be very qualified to coach) to navigate our international school community?

July 8th 12:00 Vienna Time

Matt Fleming

Athletics Director AIS Budapestmfleming@aisb.hu

Program Review: Analyzing What We Do Together with Dave Horner

July 8th 20:00 Vienna Time

Gil Grant

Athletics & Activities Director Copenhagen International

Returning to Sports Post-Covid19

Together with Todor Kubura

July 8th 16:00 Vienna Time

Oliver Gubis

Athletic Director & MYP Physical and Health Education Teacher IS of

Correlating the Athletics Program and the PHE/PE Curriculum

July 8th 16:00 Vienna Time

Dave Horner

Athletics & Activities Director IS of

Program Review: Analyzing What We Do Together with Matt Fleming

July 8th 20:00 Vienna Time

Todor Kubura

Copenhagen International

Returning to Sports Post-Covid19

Together with Gil Grant

July 8th 16:00 Vienna Time

Chris Mott

Athletic DirectorIS

Saying Goodbye and Saying Hello, Transitions for International ADs

Together with Craig Wislang

July 8th 12:00 Vienna Time

Craig Wislang

Head of Athletics and Activities IS of

Saying Goodbye and Saying Hello, Transitions for International ADs

Together with Chris Mott

July 8th 12:00 Vienna Time