A Global Playbook: How Every International School Can Raise Its Game

A collaborative effort to better the lives of our students…

Athletics can do things that other areas of schools cannot, and in many cases, athletics is the fundamental fabric that holds schools together - that needs to be realized and strengthened by all community members. 

...this book can help to do that. 

This “playbook” is for: directors, principals, teachers, coaches, or athletic directors.
It is for anyone who is in or thinking of getting into international education.

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Read what others are saying...

This book is a must read for any school administrator who is starting a sports program or who has a program in place.  Nick makes a strong argument for the value of education based sports in the lives of kids.  He also provides an excellent roadmap for establishing and maintaining a quality program.

Greg Dale, Professor
Director of Sport Psychology and Leadership, University of Duke Athletics

I have had the pleasure of working with Nick in a variety of settings over the last decade.  As an AD, he demonstrates a relentless curiosity and a desire to shift thinking around athletics for the purpose of improving children's experiences with school sport and their overall wellness.  Nick's insights are invaluable.

Noah Bohnen

MS Principal, Jakarta Intercultural School

Nick is a leader and always pushing to not only improve himself, but others as well. He understands education-based programs and all of the benefits they can provide, has been an international advocate for years, and has shared his positive stories through his conferences, podcast, and now this book. Nick’s experiences and involvement give him great insight into what education-based programs are all about and what you can do to make them even better in your community.

 Dan Schuster, CMAA, CIC

Director of Educational Services, NFHS Learning Center

I am thrilled to participate in a project that will impact and benefit education-based leaders. Nick has established himself as an education-based leader within the international and United States community. As you read this playbook, you will see what I have observed in working with Nick - an individual who deeply cares about impacting our students through the international language of sport. He displays that principle daily by assisting others to become better in the field of education-based athletics.

Phil Rison, CMAA

Executive Director-elect, NIAAA

International school athletics programs -- when we do them right -- provide a richness of experience that our learners cherish long after they leave our schools. Quality programs strive to develop our learners by engaging and challenging them to set and reach individual and team goals; athletics have always provided a great metaphor for life after high school. Nick DeForest understands and celebrates the power of athletics through his long-standing immersion in the world of international schools. He knows firsthand; as an athletic administrator, as a teacher, as a coach, and as a former player, the gifts that excellent athletics and activities programs provide for the students and the families we serve. 

Steve Razidlo

Director, American School of Doha

From the beginning of my entry into the international schools sports world Nick DeForest has been my guide. He loves what he is doing because of the difference he is making. His willingness to take the time and effort to put his experience (and the experiences of other ADs he’s journeyed with) in this book will prove invaluable to anyone who also desires to love what they are doing and impact lives through education-based sports. The content in this book will serve you well if it is your desire to create a program that every kid would want to be a part of that changes lives.

Mark Hull

Director of International Development, 3D Institute