Globetrottin' ADs Student Athlete Leadership Conference

February 12th 2021

Thank you to everyone who was invloved in the conference.
Please see the session info below and contact us to access the session recordings.


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Sebastien Bellin
Athlete, Speaker, Inspiration

Opening Session

“From Disaster to Determination: 4 Pillars"

Seb will share his amazing story and talk about the 4 pillars that shapes his life. His pillars are; Team Without Ego, Illusion of Fear, Focus & Quantity vs Quality

About Seb...

Sebastien who is a product of an international school, is a retired collegiate and professional basketball player.

On March 22nd, 2016 his world was changed forever when he found himself less than two meters from a bomb that detonated in the Brussels Airport terrorist attack. His legs were severely compromised, though as he was committed to a hospital bed for several months, he set his sights for athletic challenges. Turning his tragedy to inspiration, Sebastien represents the challenged athlete community as he faces his greatest challenge yet, Kona IRONMAN 2021.

10:00 Sessions

Penguin Leadership Program

AAS Moscow
Session Leaders
Luke Wolf, Evan Willens, Orion Skoblo, Yana Yucker, David Ismailov, Natalia Rylance Leon, Kamilya Kamilova

Penguin Leadership Program

AAS Moscow students will present on the schools'
very unique Penguin Leadership Program which provides HS students with the opportunity for on-the-job work experience, while attending an international school. At AAS, students have the opportunity to work as a: Lifeguard, Water Safety Instructor, Penguin Official, Fitness Centre Supervisor & Student Coach. Students experience real world job related opportunities and protocols, everything from: completing applications forms, references letters, to on-the-job scenario training, certification, course work and resume building. Current students and alumni will discuss how this program has positively impacted their HS experience and school culture and eventual post-HS employment.

P2P - A Sportsmanship Model

AIS Dhaka
Session Leaders

Jiwon Kim, Fatmata Bint Bah & Haryeong Lee

P2P - A Sportsmanship Model For International School Events

An International School tournament without a sportsmanship trophy? It can be done! This workshop will show how that is possible and how it could improve results. While explaining the South Asia International Schools Association ‘S-Pin’ procedures presenters will show how a student centered approach to fair play recognition can lead to meaningful and lasting results. Join in the discussion and let’s ‘win on the court and in life’ together.

Competition Anxiety

AIS Vienna
Session Leader
Lexi Roberts

Competition Anxiety: What It Is and How to Control It

Lexi, who is a club swimmer, will use personal and professional examples to explain what competition anxiety is and give you 3 ways to control it to become the best you can be. Her three ways are: Routine, Visualization and Self Talk

It's Bigger Than Sport

IS Bangkok
Session Leader
Alekhya Mangharam

It's Bigger Than Sport

“It’s bigger than sport” is a presentation by Alekhya Mangharam, a student athlete at the International School of Bangkok. In her presentation she discusses how basketball has influenced her life both on and off the court. She discusses the idea of leadership, work ethic and emotional contagion. Lastly, she shares her experience of single handedly starting a company to help athletes in Thailand gain the exposure they need to play basketball at the next level.

Balancing Commitments

AIS Budapest
Session Leader
Hubert Kós Balancing the Commitments of Academics and High-Level Competitive Sports
Hubert (Hubi) Kós is a grade 11 IB Student at the American International School of Budapest in Hungary. He is currently training to represent the Hungarian Swim Team in the 2021 Tokyo Olympic games later this year. Hubi’s presentation will include a variety of topics that center around how he balances his academic load as a full IB student while continuing to train and compete at the highest level of his sport. Hubi will share his personal journey, strategies he utilizes to manage this challenge, and what motivates him to succeed as an international school student while striving for his Olympic dream.

Girls Get Strong

Cairo AC
Session Leaders
Sarah Hinteregger, Jenna Soliman, and Kenz Bakry

Girls Get Strong

Girls Get Strong was started in 2015 by Becky Riddle, a physical education teacher, and coach at Cairo American College (CAC) in Cairo, Egypt. The mission of Girls Get Strong is to unite students, coaches, and community members to support the development of girls' physical, emotional, and social well-being within health, fitness, and athletics. During this workshop, members of the Girls Get Strong leadership team will share with participants the importance of empowering girls to be healthy, and the steps the CAC community has taken to empower its female students.

10:45 Sessions

Student Athlete to Coach

St Johns IS
Session Leader
Chloe Lansman
Transitioning from Student Athlete to Coach Chloe will share her journey from a student athlete (motivations, challenges and successes) into a coach as part of the ECA program at STJ. Session would include;- an overview of motivations to connect with peers that have felt similar feelings in their journey.- Picking out some challenges that have been presented along the way and details of how Chloe has navigated them.- interactive questions that pull on shared experience of group and 'take aways' for peers- A look into the future on a personal and sector perspective


ICS Addis Ababa
Session Leader
Anouk Vijverberg

Motivation: Athletics and Covid

As a student athlete I spend the majority of my time working hard on reaching my athletic goals and training day in and out. It’s become not only a staple in my daily routine but also in my life. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, track meets, sport tournaments and games have been canceled. Not only were these experiences I treasured most but these events were something to look forward to, as well as something I could work towards and that helped me keep my goals.Going online and sitting in front of a laptop left me restless as well as having all trainings canceled didn’t give me a stress outlet, leaving me unmotivated. This presentation will speak on motivation and getting yourself to obtain your athletic goals when lacking opportunities as well highlighting the process I went through.

Creating a Successful Team

ACS Beirut
Session Leader

Evie Buckman

Creating a Successful Team
This presentation is designed to equip fellow student athletes with an understanding of what makes a successful teammate. It will discuss the numerous benefits of being part of a team that feels like a second family. Looking through the lens of compassion, the presentation will give them strategies to take to their teams to create a successful and supportive environment. Additionally, it will discuss how to take the initiative as a leader on a team to implement such actions and lead their team to success.
Topics Included:
-Benefits of having a supportive team
- Welcoming - Room for error/ improvement- chore→ fun
Strategies to implement
- Clapping - Taking the team outside of the court/ field etc...- Establish a connection- learn things about them
Take the initiative
- Getting past the awkwardness - Consistency- these strategies aren’t one time fixes, they are processes that will help develop the team over time (commitment is key) - Put in the energy you want to get out-- sometimes you are tired and sports feels like a chore, but channel that to drive you to create an environment you would look forward to coming to to cheer you up. - Put aside differences (in skill level)-- hierarchies create power dynamics that are destructive and discouraging. You are there to work together, not to compete against each other.

Social Media Promotion

IS Bangkok
Session Leaders
Darcy Alexander and Maria Antonieta Villamizar MartinezPromotion of HS Sports Through Social Media: A Practical Workshop In this hands-on presentation, you will learn how to use social media to build spirit, player confidence, pride, as well as boost attendance and enthusiasm at events in your school's sporting environment.The presentation will outline successful platforms and give you time to practice using pre-made and live content such as player profiles, countdowns, live tournament updates and recaps.
Prior to attending, please create a private instagram account to use during the session

Promoting Equity in Education

ACS Athens
Session Leaders
Ann Marie Martinou, Will Laitinen, Tomasso Alocci, Francesca Kouroupos, Kaya Ketter, George Pliakas
Promoting Equity in Quality Education: Academic-Athletic ScholarshipsThrough a specialized audiovisual presentation (including testaments from Scholarship recipients alumni as well as current students) the ACS Athens Athletic council members aim to provide a holistic and accurate view of the program, exploring the opportunities as well as the challenges for all ACS Athens students as well as the school culture. Furthermore, personalized views on the topic based on our academic and athletic backgrounds will be provided in order to leave the audience with a clear understanding of the school's initiative and how it relates to the school's mission and vision. Finally, as this program promotes the foundation of improving student-athletes' lives through equal educational opportunities, we aspire to inspire other international schools to implement or promote similar programs.

11:30 Sessions

Creating Cohesion

Stonehill IS
Session Leaders
Trisha Blas, Neil Sairam, Ruchir Bais, Skye Moonsamy, Grant Lipham, Colby Matthews

Creating Cohesion/Chemistry Within Constantly Changing Teams This will be a workshop to share approaches for student-athletes on best practices for building team bonding in an international school setting. The transient nature of the student body often means that the team makeup looks different from year to year.

The Power of Your Mind

Stamford AIS
Session Leader
Kavya Keshav

The Power of Your Mind

I will talk about my experiences when mental strength completely turned my game around and I will give examples of professional athletes who have demonstrated incredible mental strength. Using these experiences, I can conclude that mental game is just as or even more important that physical strength when playing sports. I will create a presentation (not many words, more pictures) and ask my audience questions throughout to keep them engaged. I will then talk about techniques which can really help your mental game when you're losing hope in a competition. In addition, I will also be talking a little about how stress and pressure can have an impact on someone's game and how you can reduce the impact of these factors.

Chinggis Khaan's Leadership

IS Ulaanbaatar
Session Leaders

Oyundari Gansukh, Ben Elman, Maya Kappler, Michelle Hansen

Chinggis Khaan's Influence on Student-Leadership
History of Chinggis Khaan's involvement in Mongolian sports and how these values are maintained and it's application towards student-leadership.

Community - Clean Up

ACS of Tunis
Session Leaders
Paul-Emile Vallette d'Osia & Natalie Thomas

Community - Clean Up

The ACST clean-up club is a school based group with a common goal of bettering the environment and the world around us. This idea initially came to us as we were participating in a national beach clean-up event. We even went on a local news channel, which sparked the idea that we could do something greater than ourselves.

Our vision at the beginning when we created this club was to put our school (ACST) on the map. To spread awareness to our school community and beyond while working with local NGOs and municipalities. With frequent clean-ups, we knew we could make a difference.

In a time of a major pandemic, we have restrictions. Nonetheless, we are still finding ways to be successful. By applying all COVID-19 safety precautions and by limiting participants, we carefully choose our next location by selecting non-populated areas.

Additionally, we want these cleanups to be open to our larger communities in the future, by making our efforts seen by locals and heard by government officials. With our clean-up team, we have only scratched the surface of this ocean of trash and garbage. We want to gather all the help we can and make a difference in the environment before it submerges our beautiful country.

Importance of Sports

ACS Beirut
Session Leader
Noura Ghandour
Importance of Sports for HS Students
This presentation will list statistics and facts on how sports is indeed a stress reliever. It expands your social life for sure; your teammates are like your home, another family, it's another place where you belong, you can confide in them and bond with them through the sport. Sports teach you teamwork and hardwork. Not to mention how it keeps you fit and helps you lead a healthy lifestyle. Besides, it looks good on the college application :)Connection to leadership: initiating the sports, the activities, and showing up on time with a great spirit, even during stressful and pressuring time like exams shows how much of a leader you can be.
Greg Dale
Director of Sport Psychology and Leadership Program for Duke Athletics.

Closing Session

“Being a Leader Others Want to Follow:
Do You Have What it Takes?

Leaders will be affirmed and challenged as they think about their leadership. In particular, the focus will be on the type of team culture you help create and your ability to handle pressure and adversity.

About Greg...

In his sport psychology role, Dale provides consultations for individual athletes, coaches and staff members. In addition, Dale provides team building services for athletic teams & other units within athletic departments.

In his leadership role, Dale provides leadership training for athletes, coaches and administrators within the department through various educational programs. He is also a professor of sport psychology and sport ethics in the Department of Health, Wellness and Physical Education.