Thank you to all participants and session leaders for making the conference a massive success!

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Michael Anderson

Art Teacher at AIS ViennaMindfulness Meditation Instructor

Mindfulness in Sports and Activities: Harnessing the Whole Mind & Body

How can mindfulness benefit students in sports and physical performance? We will explore how cultivating mindful awareness of the whole body-mind system can lead to stronger performance and help student athletes connect with a natural sense of “flow” in their sports and in their lives.

Freddie Badillo

Athletic DirectorThe Columbus School Envigado

How can we handle a decrease in enrollment next year?

As we look to the next year many of us may have a drastic drop in enrollment. What ideas or strategies do we have if this happens?

Molly Berwager

HS Learning Specialist & CoachAIS

Supporting Athletes with Learning Differences

Do you have a student athlete that just doesn't seem to "get it" no matter how many times you have taught a skill? Are there learning challenges that factor into this? Learn strategies for recognizing, supporting, and coaching our students who struggle academically and/or emotionally. How do we best transition a learning plan from the classroom on to the field? Spoiler alert! It takes communication with all stakeholders.

Kirby Boychuk

Athletic DirectorAnglo American School of International Association of Athletic Administrators & Coaches

How Do You Promote Your Schools' Sports Programs

Share ideas and concepts of what you have done at your school to increase spirit and culture at your school

Focus on physical improvements, program enhancements, getting coach/admin/athlete buy in

Roxanne Chao & Sara Kullnigg

Roxanne ChaoCurrently at McGill University, MontrealFormer International School Student
Sara KullniggCurrently at Boston UniversityFormer International School Student

What We Wish Our Coaches Knew Now

Two former student athletes discussing the ups and downs with balancing the full IB and high school sports.

James Cochran

Director of Sports & Activities IS

What's your team/program DNA?

In a world and society that often places winning and individual accolades above the team, how do you reward or recognize what you want out of your team and programme? How do you develop your team and programme DNA? A conversation on research and literature based techniques to bring your team and programme values and DNA to life.

Annie Constantinides

Athletic Director ACS

Student-Athlete Leadership: The role of an Athletic Council

How is it selected? Criteria, Roles, Benefits and more.

Preparing Athletes for American Universities

How we can best prepare international student-athletes that want to go to American universities to continue competing athletically.

Mick Cooper

Athletic DirectorCanadian International School Singapore

Student Athlete post season surveys

How do you evaluate the season with student athletes, coaches, and your office so that it is a)effective and b)timely? Do you survey, do you have face time meetings? Do you just move onto the next season with a quick chat? Do you make time for this with specific teams only? Does HR help? Or , is this something that is desired but not common practice in our schools? How do the bigger schools receive this feedback with so many more teams?

If you use an external company to evaluate teams/coaches how does that work and what does it cost?

These are just some of the questions that will be tabled around this topic of student and coach feedback?

If time-are external coaches evaluated differently than faculty coaches? How are external coaches hired initially?

Jason Culler

Associate Athletic DirectorJenks Public

When’s it’s Necessary to release a coach

Tips and ideas for you to deal with the uncomfortable situation when you have to let a coach go.

Transgender Athletic Inclusion Policies

Best practices as you look to be absolutely inclusive in your policies regarding transgenders athletes.

Mike Ellson

Athletic DirectorChrist Presbyterian Academy, Nashville, TN NIAAA National Faculty

How to improve in your role as an Effective Communicator

This workshop will focus on the opportunities we have as athletic administrators to tell our stories specifically to parents and school communities. Taking inventory of where we are today with regards to social media practices will also be a primary focus of this presentation.


Mentoring Coaches for Personal Growth: The Athletic Administrator sets the tone regarding their coaching staff's understanding of what it means to be a Transformational Coach, and we will discuss four essential questions for each leader to consider. We will also discuss/share resources that can help build a positive team culture.

Matt Fleming

Athletics DirectorAIS BudapestCo-Host of the Globetrottin ADsmfleming@aisb.hu

NIAAA Introduction & FAQ

This will give an introduction to the NIAAA organization, explain the details of certification levels, PD opportunities and how you can get involved.


Gil Grant

Athletics & Activities Director Copenhagen International

Organizing a Program with a NO-CUT Policy

How could a program looking like that has an official no cut policy?

Parent / Athlete expectations & Managing Numbers.

Andy Harrison

Director of the Events OfficeAIS

A Practical Approach to Meeting the Challenge of Leadership

From team captain to school director this approach ensures a clear path to task success and improved morale. Whether the challenge is personal or public, simple or complex, macro or micro, this approach helps.

Anthony Hennelly

Director of Sport and Extra-Curricular ActivitiesSt. John's International

Sharing Successes and Challenges of Student Leadership Programs

How do schools encourage the development of leadership skills?

Are schools delivering specific curriculum to support this or just ad hoc projects?

Are projects programmes led by PHE/Sports dept staff or a wider delivery group and how do people fit it into an already packed schedule?

How are our sports/athletic departments set up to support student leadership?

How do people deal with the challenge of transferring responsibility to students and allowing them to make mistakes whilst retaining a safe environment?

Dave Horner

Director of Athletics & Activities The International School of Belgrade

Coaching Coaches to be Educational Leaders

This seminar will examine the training, preparation and guiding of coaches as an ongoing role and responsibility of an Athletic Director. This seminar will provide some strategies and tools to deal with the constant turnover and training of coaches in international schools.

Writing a Whole Program Handbook

This round table will be an opportunity to share the key components of an Athletic/Activity Handbook. Participants in this course should be prepared to share segments of their handbooks and engage in discussion regarding policies and procedures that they feel work at their school.

Mark Hull, 3D

Director of International Development 3D

Creating the Right Mindset

Have you ever said things like: “He’s just gifted,” or “She’s a natural born leader,” or “You’re so smart”? We mean well when we say these things AND people like to hear them. However the research of Dr. Carol Dweck shows quite clearly how harmful these statements can be. We will look at the two basic mindsets that Dr. Dweck has identified and see how powerful each of these mindsets can be as they apply to sport and to school.

Jo Ito

Athletic Director The Bush School Seattle WashingtonFormer International School AD in Dusseldorf &

Mitigating Conflict in Interscholastic Sports

Athletic Administrators interact with numerous people on a daily basis. While most relationships are positive and productive, conflicts with coaches, parents, or other community members are also part of the job. This seminar is designed to help participants identify different types of conflict, and to provide tips for conflict prevention and resolution.

Shawn Jeffrey

Athletics & Activities DirectorIS of Curitiba

Hiring Coaches - Staff vs Non Staff

Benefits of faculty/staff vs off-campus coaches. Vetting processes and how all of this impacts program development and success.

Lynn Kachmarik

Worldwide Workshop Leader to Improve the Sport Culture at all levelsVice President of Founder and Directors of

Equilibria In Sports Introduction

Equilibria in Sports works with teams, athletes, coaches, and sports administrators worldwide to enhance team culture and performance, as well as strengthen team dynamics. They do this by helping all key stakeholders understand, embrace and leverage their unique personal strengths and potential limiters to improve individual and team performance and effectiveness.

Empathy, Vulnerability, Gratitude and the Impact of Stress During this Global Pandemic

The conference opening session that can help all of us during this tying time.

Doug Killgore

Athletics Professional Development Specialist NIAAA National Faculty MemberArkansas HS AD Association Hall of Fame Memberbowtiead232@gmail.com

How to improve in your role as an Effective Communicator

This workshop will focus on the opportunities we have as athletic administrators to tell our stories specifically to parents and school communities. Taking inventory of where we are today with regards to social media practices will also be a primary focus of this presentation.


Servant Leadership - It's Not About Me

To be educators of significance, the best example we can give students and staff is a life of service.

There is 'No I in TEAM' but, there is a me. The life of a servant has neither.

Gordon MacLelland

CEO of Working with Parents in Sport

Foundations for Building a Parental Engagement Programme

Including: What is parental engagement? Where parents are today? The importance of organisational alignment. Quality communication and the role of coaches in the process.

Jared Maisel

Athletic Trainer BTEC Sport Teacher International School of Brussels

Youth Sports Specialization & Injuries

Outside pressure from parents and sports clubs on talented athletes tend to force focus on a single sport. However, early sport specialization has been found to increase risk of injury and mental health issues in children. This session will discuss the detriments of specializing in a single sport/position and feature a group discussion on administrative practices to encourage multi-sport participation.

Concussion Management

Head injuries pose a serious danger to young athletes, as well as the host organization, if they're managed incorrectly. Children are at risk for developing long-term cognitive, neurological and even sudden death from inappropriate treatment. This session will provide basic concussion information, policy and educational resources and a group discussion on strategies.

Jim Matter

Activities Director Currently at Dubai American Academy. Long time AD at AS Warsaw.

Developing and Delivering Virtual Activities

Participants should be prepared to exchange resources and ideas and discuss those that are working or not working. 5 questions for discussion 1.Re-defining the role of the Activity Coordinator- what can you do? 2 Connecting kids with your program 3 Useful resources and links to share 4.Developing your AOLLA ( After On-Line Learning Activities ) Programs 5.Being and Maintaining a presence in your on-line school community

Will Moncrief

Athletics DirectorFrankfurt International

PD Opportunities for Coaches

A round table to talk about how we can best service our coaches. Online, Conferences and/or In-house

John Powell

Athletics DirectorASF Mexico

Team Building

We all have a goal of generating a little more camaraderie within the teams and limit bullying. I started this project at ASF Mexico City this year and will recap its successes and explain thoroughly the benefits or starting a similar project.

Owen Reid

International Baseball Consultant

Beyond the Ballplayer: The Power of Accountability

Imagine a group of players who own their development and take responsibility for their actions, and the impact of that on the team culture. Empowered individuals, supreme discipline and unrivalled camaraderie. That is the Power of Accountability!

Discover why it's essential to coach beyond the ballplayer and establish standards congruent with your values. Full of energy and unique first-hand experiences, Owen shares his strategy for bringing this vision to life around the world!

Sherri Spelic

PE Teacher, Author and

Strengthening our Reflective Practice as Coaches and Teachers

As educator-coaches our approach to working with athletes includes much more than sport skill building. In this session we'll use a structured dialogue format for participants to reflect on the strengths they bring to the coaching enterprise and also on their gains from engaging with young athletes. Coaches will leave with reflection tools to share with colleagues and students as well as fresh perspectives on their own coaching why.

Laurie Tasharski ICMEC

DirectorInternational Centre for Missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC), Partners of the International Task Force for Child Protection (ITFCP)

Introduction to Child Protection in Sport

Join us for a discussion of the risks and vulnerabilities for children and adults involved in sport. This webinar will support your professional efforts to prevent all forms of abuse in sports. You will learn steps to prevent abuse, identify resources in support of training staff and guidance on policies and procedures supported by accreditation agencies and child protection experts.

Devon Teeple

Mental Coach & Coach PractitionerFounder & Executive Director of The GM's Perspective Ignite Change

Exploring Health & Wellness & How that Correlates to Performance & Behaviours

A look at how health and wellness correlates to performance and behaviours and also a look inside IGNITE Change, a non-profit community organization tailored to playing baseball the right way and integrating components of leadership, attitude, and behaviors into life lessons.

Joe Toler

Athletics & Activities Director ACS twitter: @tolerstravels Instagram: #tolerstravels

Best Practices for End of Year Events.

Strategies to run the best graduation, sports banquet, and end of year awards in our current climate.


Keeping People engaged in the online learning and activities during this challenging time.

An open discussion on positive strategies, some difficulties, and various ways that students/athletes/teams remain engaged with various virtual learning and alternative activities.