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GTAD Article

Check out PHE American....

not only featured the Globetrottin AD podcast but also published an article from Nick about takeaways and highlights of the Student Led Conference.

Che out the article and PHE America

Survey #2 for 910

A group of ADs are working on a new NIAAA course which has 6 mini courses in it. One is "Hotels vs Homestays" and they would like your help.

Please take 2 minutes and share your how and why your conference uses one or the other system HERE

Vote for the GTAD

GTADs would like your help.
We made the first round but need you to nominate us for the Podcast Awards.

It will take one minute... short registration then select us under the Education category HERE

multiple emails? nominate multiple times... nominations close at the end of the July.

Global Take Video

Thank you to the educators from around
the world that participated and watched Global Take this first season. We have learned so much from all of you, and students worldwide are better because of it.
Please watch this thank you video HERE and continue the conversation in our Facebook group, Global Educators Network:

Survey for 910

A group of ADs are working on a new NIAAA course which has 6 mini courses in it. One is "Working With Parents" and they would like your help.

If you could share your stories and we will choose the most appropriate ones to be featured in the course, in a completely anonymous format.

If you are interested in sharing your stories, please complete the survey HERE


Students from International schools in Brazil are hosting a student-created, student-led YOUMUN conference in August. It is a global conference with students from all over the world participating.

This is also a fundraising event and all proceeds generated from this conference will be donated to two worthy NGOs .

Registration is now open HERE

Live Season Final

Nick and Matt try something new for the last episode of their second season. They welcome 7 guests who were all on previous episodes.

They reflect on the year and look to the next. The episode is also available as a podcast.

Click HERE to watch on YouTube

Click HERE to watch on FB

AD Survey

2019 saw the first International AD survey which received responses from around the world even before GTADs were born.

This year we would like to get your insights once again. Please take a few minutes to answer these questions which mirror the 2019 AD survey for comparison but also include some COVID-19 questions.

Click HERE to take the survey

Award Winners

Hermes Creative Awards is one of the oldest & largest creative competitions in the world and the Globetrottin' ADs have been honored as a Gold Winner!

It could not have been a success without all of the ADs, Coaches & Friends around the world that listen to the podcast & participate in the conferences. Here's to a bigger and brighter future

The GTAD won under the category of Electronic Media - Educational Institution